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Sogang J

This book makes me feel like I’m sitting next to a wise old man who is a great storyteller.

And it’s so unique because this book is woven with ancient stories, the writer’s real-life stories and practical meditation.

This can be a useful advice whenever we come across obstacles according to our season of life.

Just start to read, follow the stories, get inspired!

Carla M

This is a delightful read that takes you through the sometimes “unbelievable” life stories of the author and the journey that shaped him. It’s ultimately the effective delivery of simple lessons that helps you go through everyday challenges such as the ones you encounter in your relationships, work or even with your own self.

The book is written in such a clear way that at times it makes you feel as if you are having a conversation rather than reading. The meditation exercises help with this feeling as well.

Overall, highly recommended.

Dr Robert Isaacson

Think… Stand Up.. and Walk Tall is a highly accessible and compelling analysis which powerfully penetrates through to the practicality of our daily lives. The author proposes a fundamental change in our thinking and reaction to day-to-day events. The underlying themes described in the book are simple yet profound. The approach which is advised is based on ancient sources but is relevant to our modern times just as it has been to previous generations.

The book is also a practical guide of how to incorporate this novel approach into our thought processes. Easy step-by-step methods are suggested to achieve this internalisation. There are also numerous anecdotes to illustrate how effective this approach can be. The end result is to produce a life changing attitude within ourselves to help us take control of our lives, to achieve our goals and to be optimistic and hopeful for the future. The applications of this approach apply to all situations, to human relationships, to work, to one’s successes and failures and also most importantly to how one views oneself.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading the next one in the series.

David Wexler

As a school principal for almost twenty years, I always try to keep my head above water, as problems and challenges face me all the time – 24/7.

My school community (approx. 1,000 students – 2,000 parents – 100 teachers…) take almost all of my time and energy when I’m awake, so I always feel I need rest breaks – time out – to think, breathe, recover and enhance my abilities and my soul.

As a wish come true, I got your book Eliyahu, and I must say that it was a relief, like a breath of fresh air for me.

Moreover, after reading your great ideas of how to turn our lives to a happier and more positive path, I realized my staff can benefit from the same ideas, and so I served them some of your soul secrets.

Thank you for a changing life book!

Michael J

I was first attracted by the poem ‘life is like a mirror’ right at the beginning. I was drawn further and further into the book.

Really felt that Eliyahu was speaking to me personally. What a breath of fresh air. This has made a real change in my actions and thinking.

Everyone should be reading this again and again.

Paul Perez

A must to open her/his mind

Eliyahu Kelman formalized in his book, years of skill and study on the human nature. He never uses a peremptory language to reveal his truth but always use progressive processes to push us forward to that objective. Contrary to many coaching books which rely on personal background, few debatable scientists publication, Eliyahu roots his knowledge in the philosophies handed down through one of the oldest cultures on earth.
A must for the ones who want to open they mind, live and perspectives

Salma M

As a mad keen learner, I have loads of questions about the brain, life meaning, interconnections and the way to make it all function in harmony to get it done.

Then Eliyahu Kelman’s book Think… Stand Up.. & Walk Tall (Soul Secret) suddenly came along with the fantastic idea of putting this collection of recipies together – nicely put together, I’m just dead curious to understand and learn from it…

Game changer for me, keep fresh “Reprogram the brain and Open the channels” to receive knowledge, fresh every single day, feeling better, doing better, enjoying life and knowing we are intrinsically worthwhile; but above all discovering the real WHY behind everything with Certainty.

Brilliant ideas! Brilliant book! And a Gentleman at his Best! I’m grateful Eliyahu

Adel Darwish

I’m so glad to have received Mr Eliyahu Kelman’s book (Think… Stand Up.. & Walk Tall).

It is exciting, gripping, inspiring and food for the soul and I treat it as my guide in my life. Many of my friends who read it said they have greatly benefited from it. It’s a great book.

Thank you Eliyahu Kelman

George A

Hi Eliyahu,

Once I found time to read I realised from the get go this had come at the perfect time for me.

I found early on that I was putting the techniques into practice, especially the “Stand Up Meditation”. In an age where everything is wanted in an instant I found the measured pace of the book steadying and a joy to read.

This has been empowering and is a useful guide to have to hand.


Amina M

Wow, a great book, a good motivator for forgetting about the impossible and getting on with “it”, whatever that is.

If you have lost your way this will help you back on the path, the path to “Learn how to turn the impossible into the possible”.

I find Eliyahu’s philosophy very motivating – he’s the real deal so well worth reading the book if you haven’t come across him before or if you want to uncover the secrets

Thanks Eliyahu for straight-to-the-point encouragement!


If the art of living is the ability to use life obstacles in a constructive fashion, Eliyahu Kelman provided a superb example of how this is to be accomplished.

This book is a great guide full of important information for those of us who struggle with confidence, bringing out the creativity from within and accomplishing a fulfilled life.

James Francis

A true guide to decision makers

This book changed my life.

You should never take anything for granted or at face value. Listen to your inner soul, let it do all the decision making for you. This book guides and teaches you how to listen to the voice of your inner soul. Eliyahu Kelman is a one-of-a-kind writer.

I will recommend this book to anyone in business, man or woman; or to anyone who takes decisions. Wonderful!


A marvellous book, which imparts genuine wisdom and insight through poetry, philosophy and wonderfully-told autobiographical anecdotes.

The activities and exercises are helpful and clearly guide the reader, the grounding in ancient philosophy means that Eliyahu’s perception comes across as erudite and well-rooted.

Strongly recommended.

Lorraine G

Reading this book has given me the confidence and more self-esteem to be able to start on one of my goals, to set up my own care business.

The book made me think more positively and be more aware of my own capabilities and skills, also to believe that I could achieve my goals.

Keep up the good work and I hope your book helps others as well.

Maurice L

This book was a special experience for me. Just couldn’t stop reading.

It simply took me into the realities of life and how I can lift myself above chaos in my life.

Made me feel good about myself. Thanks

Yacov & Helen

What an enlightening experience for both of us. Sometimes it’s so difficult to put the book down because this is so enjoyable to read. We do this as often as possible whenever we have a moment at the end of our meals together. We have learned such a lot.

We really feel that we have acquired a mentor and guide.’

Jacob L

I have known Eliyahu many years and have gained a lot in my life through his guidance and mentoring, both in the material and spiritual.

I am absolutely delighted that he finally decided to share his insight and knowledge, to bring a better chance in life for the many thousands who will read this book.


Reading Think… Stand Up.. and Walk Tall was an experience that I never expected.

Helped me see much deeper into my own life and stand up to daily pressures. Enjoyed the  real life stories,

Worth reading again and again


This book is a fabulous adventure that will lead you to the best version of yourself. It is full of true stories that I’m sure will inspire you as much it did for me.

This book gave me all the tools to live my life at the fullest; and I must confess that since I finished reading it, I sometimes opened it when I need it, and I always feel better afterwards.

I already recommended this awesome book to everyone I know because I truly believe that everyone should know the secret of a joyful life.

Thank you Eliyahu for your endless life lessons: now I’m walking tall, and what a great feeling!

Ronit G

Eliyahu Kelman is an incredibly wise, knowledgeable, insightful teacher and author.

In his book, ‘Think, Stand Up And Walk Tall’ Kelman reveals a fascinating and empowering outlook on life. He weaves together insightful spiritual concepts with practical tools and some out of the box strategies and activities that truly support ones journey through this life.

Eliyahu’s kindness, wisdom and generosity shines through in all that he does and is shared so openly with everyone he encounters and this book is no different.


Eliyahu, I read your book which I found thought provoking.

The narrative kept me with you all the time the poems and self-hypnosis, together with personal guidance helped me to focus on what really matters in life.

This has given me real meaning in my life

Asher S

Eliyahu, your book has proved to be very popular with my whole family and has been a source of discussion.

The real life stories and valuable guidance in life always keeping our eyes on the Divine mode and certainty absolute certainty.

As an educationalist I feel that the book is a must for every challenging moment in our lives

Richard H

A great insight about turning negative energy to positive.

Read the quotes over and over again, it really makes you think twice about what one takes for granted.

Simon J

I think that Eliyahu shares his brilliant philosophy and practical techniques to help one achieve personal happiness.
A must read for anyone, this is a very readable and practical book.

His insight into human nature is amazing





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